A Brief Introduction

cPanel is a control panel which is used for web hosting. It has a graphical interface and automation tools which make the process of hosting more simple. There are many important features and tools which form an integral part of cPanel. One such tool is Attracta SEO tool. Attracta SEO tool is an effective tool kit which has the following features:-

  • Attracta SEO tools are available in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • The tools offered by Attracta SEO are listed in the Powerful Attracta Directory
  • They can be easily scanned for Malware and Google Blacklisting
  • The Search Ranking can be improved with In-Depth SEO Tips and Videos
  • They are the most used tool that are used by any website

Features of Attracta SEO Tools

These tools have some very important features. They are as follows:-

  • XML Sitemaps are powerful that get results.

The world’s largest provider of Sitemaps to Google is Attracta. By using Attracta’s          technology Google updates almost 45 million websites and blog pages every day.

  • Valuable link building takes place that plays by the rules.

Valuable links and important Search Engine Optimized content are enjoyed by all hand-reviewed business listing

  • The Live Search Engine Listings can be seen

Both guaranteed listings in the world’s top search engines and the tools to verify them are provided by Attracta. How many of your pages are listed in each search engine can be found by Attracta. Moreover, with the introduction of Ad Dollars, making more money with any website or blog, large or small, with discreet in-text advertising within the content has been made easy. Nothing has to be installed or changed and it works with all other advertising.

  • Facebook and Twitter Accounts can be created that really pay off!

Special recognition is given  to sites using Facebook and Twitter by Google. The benefits can be enjoyed with step-by-step tutorials in Attracta’s SEO Tips section.

  • There are easy-to-use tutorials and informative Google videos

All aspects of SEO are covered in Attracta’s Tips Section from Beginner to Advanced.There are many Google videos as well which help to learn a lot about the tool.


Concluding Note

Attracta SEO tool is an integral part of cPanel. It offers a bundle of tools that are similarly trending in the hosting industry.The features of the tools are discussed in detail in this Article. It shows how useful this tool is in the proper functioning of cPanel.