WHMXtra is a cPanel server add-on that allows you to do so much more with your server. In many cases the additional features on offer by WHMXtra were previously only available through command line, and in some cases, these features were never even available to begin with.

WHMXtra’s mission is to make your life easier. Let’s take a look at how WHMXtra makes server management a breeze with hundreds of features.

You Get So Much For So Little

WHMXtra Pro Suite delivers more than 160 features in its WHM user interface while the cPanel Xtra provides the same feature-rich functionality within cPanel.
Who needs support anyway?
WHMXtra makes waiting around for support redundant, giving you the capability to manage and repair your server, as well as make it more secure.

What’s more, WHMXtra is installed with just one command. There is nothing for you to upload or configure and no waiting required.

WHMXtra’s feature-rich interface means less time and effort is required to manage your server, making your job easier and more profitable. This frees you to focus on what you do best.

Get Added Security

Because you never can be too careful. WHMXtra’s security layers are more than enough to make your server more secure. Thanks to a combination of its firewall policy, server audits, SSH management, DDOS protection, Rootkit hunting, binary protection and file permission fixing you can look forward to a safer, more secure server with the WHMXtra Ultimate Pro Suite.

It’s a wild digital world out there by WHMXtra offers you the protection you need.

World Class Repair Capability

WHMXtra enables file repair, cPanel account fixes and allows you to repair missing databases yourself.

With WHMXtra’s installation management you can manage Yum Updates, Zend / Ioncube and Clam AV, as well as monitor cPanel RPMs.

Get Additional Plugins For Even More Features

WHMXtra bundles additional plugins together to give you even more functionality and even greater features. When you purchase WHMXtra you also have access to cPanel Xtra, Mega Stats, Remote Control, Switch it, Nagios, Easy Logs, Reseller UI, Load / Bandwidth Monitor and Limit User Resources.

WHMXtra offers something for everyone; whether you’re a newbie who’s learning about your first server or someone more experienced who wants to optimize this or her server management processes.