WHMSonic is a Shoutcast Control Panel plugin for radio content that has been devised to make your cPanel and WHM management so much easier. It can be installed in mere seconds with one SSH command. More than just a media control panel, WHMSonic allows you to stream radio content over the Internet using your WHM or cPanel.

Working through cPanel and WHM, WHMSonic doesn’t utilize any server resources itself and allows you to perform shoutcast streaming media hosting.

These are the reasons you need WHMSonic for radio hosting.

It’s Quick And Easy To Set Up

When you’ve signed up for WHMSonic you’re connected instantly and you can start streaming radio content in a matter of minutes.

It Integrates Via API

WHMSonic really can make your life so much easier. You can integrate WHMSonic with the custom API or integrate billing software like ClientExec, WHMC or AWBS. Full documentation is available to help you automate your business processes.

All Interfaces Are Accessible From One Point

With WHMSonic you can manage all three control panel interfaces from your root user control panel. This gives you access to your root panel, the reseller panel you use for your radio clients and your WHMSonic control panel to manage your clients.

WHMSonic allows you to create as many radio account packages as you like. You can reuse your account packages so you don’t have to re-enter the limits for every client.

Use FAQ Manager To Offer Better Service

As a root user you can use FAQ Manager to manage frequently asked questions and prepare the answers so that all users can access them through their control panels.

WHMSonic Can Take You Around The World

WHMSonic offers multi language support, and is always testing and adding new languages to its interface. Each client can set a different language in their control panels, making WHMSonic extremely versatile.

Some of the languages currently support include Arabic, English, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Macedonian, Hebrew, French, Dutch, German and Portuguesebr.

Get Great Statistics In Real Time

With WHMSonic you have access to different types of live and graphical reporting. Improve your quality of service with graphical listeners statistics (available monthly, yearly, daily and hourly), live listener and radio statistics, traffic and bandwidth and listeners on Google Map.

Monopolize On Your Stations

WHMSonic supports the use of advertising and intro files that you can use to generate more revenue. It also supports text advertising, which will be displayed on device screens.