Softaculous is the one-click auto installer that gives you access to more than 400 scripts. It integrates seamlessly with cPanel and offers resellers the opportunity to offer more services and increase their revenue streams.

With so many open source scripts and apps available Softaculous makes it quick and painless to install and play with them.

Let’s take a look at some really great reasons you should consider a Softaculous subscription.

Manage Your Web Applications Effortlessly

Softaculous installs in cPanel in under two minutes. It manages the full life cycle of the web application, from its installation and back up and to its update. Apps can be installed in your cPanel in one simple click and updates can be applied with a day of release. This makes your server more secure instantly.

Softaculous Is Well Supported And Documented

Softaculous offers 24 hour support to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible. The API and SDK are well documented and you can watch the demos before you install the scripts.

Other users’ ratings and reviews are included in the dashboard so you have an accurate idea of what to expect from your new installation. You can also give your feedback about the web applications on offer, and help Softaculous to improve their product offering.

Centralize Everything In One Dashboard

All of Softaculous’ features are available through one central dashboard, making it easy to manage your web applications at overview level.

Save Time, Save Money

Softaculous is a cost-effective high quality product that saves you time, priced better than both of its major competitors.

Your hosting platform does not need to manage script packages, and you can install WordPress themes at the same time you install WordPress.

Manage Back Ups And Clone Installations

Softaculous gives you the chance to create and configure back ups, which can be restored in the event that something does go wrong.

You can also clone your website so you can test new web applications before you commit to them on your live website.

Give Your Customers The Gift Of Choice

With a Softaculous license you give your customers a choice of more than 400 web applications so they can choose the best product for their projects.

Softaculous Is Installed In Three Commands

Installing Softaculous itself is quick and easy. It takes just three commands to install.