Offering lightning-quick web application installations Fantastico is a market leader that delivers services to more than a million users across the globe. Fantastico allows users to install a number of open source scripts in their web spaces. To date Fantastico claims at least 50 000 users.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of adding Fantastico to your cPanel or WHM subscription.

Get More Choice

Fantastico currently offers more than 500 web applications for auto installation and the team is adding new scripts all the time. Due to popular demand, Fantastico is also available in a multilingual version, with full theme support.

Get Updates Instantly

Not only is the App installation instant, so too are the updates. The release of Fantastico F3 saw updates being made available as soon as they were released by the developers.

Instant updates means improved site functionality with the added security of running the latest versions of your web applications. It also means less responsibility for you, and a little more support.

It’s All Open Source

Thanks to our open architecture, App authors can build their applications in Fantastico-friendly format. Each server owner can determine which applications should be available for users.

It is also possible to write your own applications for Fantastico and use them on your internal server, without Netenberg permission.

Get Greater Flexibility

Your installed scripts can be housed on add-on or parked domains or within your root directory. It’s even possible to do split installations with some scripts.

Conserve Bandwidth, Save Time

Fantastico can be installed from an internal repository, saving you bandwidth. Fantastico’s instant installations mean you can continue to work on other tasks while the auto installer takes care of the web applications.

Automate Your Online Business Processes

Fantastico makes it easy to create a website, start an online store or configure billing software in cPanel. Whether you want to run a blog, start an online community or build a ticket system Fantastico gives you access to the tools to enable you to do it.

With so many web applications out there, it makes sense to use an auto installer to be able to give them all a spin. Fantastico makes it possible to experiment with the world of open source technology and for online business to benefit from technology by making informed web application choices.