At BuycPanel we pride ourselves on offering you the most efficient and useful Apps on the market, and JetBackup is no exception.

JetBackup enables you to create backups of your cPanel through a number of different backup options.
It’s convenient and user-friendly, enabling you to automate your backup processes and perform restores on a cron job.

While the cPanel Backup gives you the basics by allowing you to perform a full account backup, it doesn’t allow you to perform a backup to a remote destination, or perform a number of nifty automated features. Here are six more reasons you should add JetBackup to your cPanel or WHM account

You Can Perform Incremental Backups
JetBackup makes use of the ‘Point in time incremental backups’ feature, a really innovative feature that utilizes very little space on your account. Using hardlinks, JetBackup takes up less space while performing backups. Once you’ve performed your first backup, only the changed data needs to be updated.

Have a website that undergoes constant changes and needs regular backups?
The latest version of JetBackup features hourly backups, allowing you to schedule backups to run on the hour, like clockwork.

Use The Self-Restore Feature
Self-restore GUI is available on JetBackup for both cPanel end-users and resellers, from local and remote backups. Self-restore options include:
• The ability to download files and backups locally and remotely
• Restore databases
• Single file restores can be performed on cron jobs, databases and emails in just one simple click
• Full account restores
• Restore cron jobs
• Restore SSL certificates.

JetBackup Supports Multiple Destinations
JetBackup allows you to perform remote and local backups simultaneously. It supports a number of different destinations including Dropbox, Remote SSH, Amazon S3 and Remote FTP.
You can create and manage as many backups as you can handle.

Get Native Cloudlinux Support
Native Cloudlinux support means backup processes can be put in LVE. Even if you don’t have Cloudlinux, you’ll be able to reprioritize with NICE & RENICE.

JetBackup Really Is Quick
JetBackup is much faster than the standard cPanel backup feature. Who’s got time to wait?

It’s Ideal For Resellers
JetBackup gives you the opportunity to offer more paid services through its custom billing service. Its affordable subscription model makes it a profitable feature to resell. And, because the interface is so easy to use, end-users love it.